System requirements and software dependencies.

System requirements

Ouroboros builds on most POSIX compliant systems. Below you will find instructions for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and OS X. On Windows 10, you can build Ouroboros using the Linux Subsystem for Windows .

You need git to clone the repository. To build Ouroboros, you need cmake, google protocol buffers installed in addition to a C compiler (gcc or clang) and make.

Optionally, you can also install libgcrypt, libssl, fuse, dnsutils and swig.

On GNU/Linux you will need either libgcrypt (≥ 1.7.0) or libssl if your glibc is older than version 2.25.

On OS X, you will need homebrew. Disable System Integrity Protection during the installation and/or removal of Ouroboros.

Install the dependencies

Debian/Ubuntu Linux:

$ apt-get install git protobuf-c-compiler cmake
$ apt-get install libgcrypt20-dev libssl-dev libfuse-dev dnsutils swig cmake-curses-gui

On some distributions you need to install the protobuf C library explicitly:

$ apt-get install libprotobuf-c-dev

Arch Linux:

$ pacman -S git protobuf-c cmake
$ pacman -S libgcrypt openssl fuse dnsutils swig

FreeBSD 11:

$ pkg install git protobuf-c cmake
$ pkg install libgcrypt openssl fusefs-libs bind-tools swig

Mac OS X Sierra / High Sierra:

$ brew install git protobuf-c cmake
$ brew install libgcrypt openssl swig
Last modified July 23, 2019