Check installation

Check if ouroboros works.

To check if everything is installed correctly, you can now jump into the Tutorials section, or you can try to ping this webhost over ouroboros using the name

Our webserver is of course on an IP network, and ouroboros does not control IP, but it can run over UDP.

To be able to contact our server over ouroboros, you will need to do some IP configuration: to tell the ouroboros UDP system that the process “” is running on our webserver by adding the line      1bf2cb4fb361f67a59907ef7d2dc5290

to your /etc/hosts file (it’s the IP address of our server and the MD5 hash of

You will also need to forward UDP port 3435 on your NAT firewall if you are behind a NAT. Else this will not work.

Here are the steps to ping our server over ouroboros:

Run the IRMd:

$ sudo irmd &

Then you will need find your (private) IP address and start an ouroboros UDP daemon (ipcpd-udp) on that interface:

$ irm ipcp bootstrap type udp name udp layer udp ip <your local ip address>

Now you should be able to ping our server!

$ oping -n
Last modified December 30, 2019