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I think it might be beneficial to clearly structure the different ways O7s can be viewed AND link directly to relevant documentation. Maybe also clearly structuring the sidebar might help, because in my opinion it is a bit chaos right now. I subdived this myself, I'm convinced category 2,3 & 4 need to be clearly distinguished. I think category 1 is then the overarching story, with 5 also being important to view separately. Also would be beneficial to split off links like 'Recent changes' and 'Random page' in the sidebar.

1. The overall architecture? Architectural documents?
'The story', I'd say. Maybe also Getting Started aka installation of the O7s prototype fits here? It is needed for 2,3 and 4 at least... Network Model, Core Protocols, Glossary and FAQ fit also in this category.

2. Using O7 as a network admin.
The tutorials are focusing on this aspect, I think Also Metrics/Observability and Orchestration fall under this viewpoint?!

3. Using O7s as an end-user application.
Here, the examples & APIs need to be ported from the old website and extended.

4. Contributing to O7s itself.
Maybe includes a roadmap/link to Kanban. Link to Source Code Guide, Prototype Version History.

5. Community :)
Includes contact page