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Under contruction This page is under construction  

Rumba is a Python framework for setting up Ouroboros and RINA networks in a test environment that was developed during the ARCFIRE project. Its main objectives are to configure networks and to evaluate the impact of the architecture on configuration management and devops in computer and telecommunications networks. The original Rumba project page is here.

Rumba can quickly set up test networks for Ouroboros that are made up of many IPCPs and Layers. We keep a version on this site up-to-date with the Ouroboros prototype.


  • easily define network topologies
  • Support for different prototypes]:
    • Ouroboros
    • rlite
    • IRATI
  • create these networks using different possible environments:
    • local PC (Ouroboros only)
    • docker container
    • virtual machine (qemu)
    • jFed testbeds
  • script experiments
  • rudimentary support for drawing these networks (using pydot)