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Collection of tutorials, follow the main article link for the actual tutorial. Also see the man pages for API reference.

Tutorial 01: Local IPC

Main article: Ouroboros Tutorial 01

We will start an ouroboros ping (oping) server application and connect a oping client over local IPC. This tutorial explains how to bind service names to an application and the concept and process of flow allocation and flow deallocation.

Tutorial 02: Local IPC, 2-Layer network

Main article: Ouroboros Tutorial 02

In this tutorial we will add a unicast layer on top of the local layer. It also demonstrates the use of anycast names.

Tutorial 03: Configuration file

Main article: Ouroboros Tutorial 03.

This tutorial sets up the same configuration as Tutorial 02, but instead of using the CLI to configure O7s, we use a configuration file. It demonstrates auto-instantiation of programs, and uses the system log for logging.

Tutorial 04: Ouroboros over Ethernet

Main article: Ouroboros Tutorial 04.

The previous tutorials used the Local Layer (ipcpd-local) to demonstrate basic configuration and operation. In this tutorial we connect two machines over an Ethernet and dip a toe into encrypted flows.

Tutorial 05: Ouroboros over UDP/IP

Main article: Ouroboros Tutorial 05.

Shows how to configure O7s over a UDP/IP network. Also demonstrates load-balancing between multiple program instances on the server.